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Metal springs production.


Mollificio Rizzato, optimizing the family business concept, is able to offer a service tailored to specific requirements, thus providing an efficient quick response for small and medium production batches, and creative solutions for special and custom parts. Quality at 360 degrees, is an essential requirement for products of this type, leaving you the option of deciding the variables. Our production processes are in line with the most recent European specifications.

Mollificio Rizzato stands out from the crowd, offering a wide choice of options in terms of construction materials, both from the factory’s own stock and from outside suppliers.

Application fields such as engineering, eyewear, boats, furniture, building, design, home appliances, wine making and fruit growing, even the field of art and entertainment, give us the opportunity to express our potential at the highest levels.

our history


Back in the thirties, three skilful and far-sighted brothers from Padua started a small engineering business, at the beginning as a generic workshop but soon to become more and more technical and specialized. In the following years it became one of the leading industrial references for both town and province. In the course of time Rizzato has diversified its production, specializing in spring manufacturing, a demanding sector requiring exceptional quality standards and constantly updated technology.

Constant evolution driven by the will to provide answers and solutions for our customers within an open and constructive dialogue.
Professional expertise that enables us to be ready for the new challenges of the national and international markets.
You are our best references for the future.

spring production
Mollificio Rizzato - Spring factory history


We design and product wire compression springs, traction springs, torsion springs, double torsion springs, strip springs, painted springs, surface treated springs, special and custom springs, bent components, cut and bent parts, assembled parts. The following are some examples of our production.


Customer service, flexibility and punctuality are the specific qualities of production companies like Mollificio Rizzato, where communication is constant and synergies are not hampered by the typically rigid structures of large firms. The company is able to successfully cope with very different types of products, ranging from the building trade to sectors like eyewear that require cutting edge technology.

AnccemTÜV ISO 9001 - ISO 14001

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